Let's face it. A Flyer in the mail does not help sell cars. If that's all it took, Dealerships would do their own mailers and everyone would be making billions in the advertising industry.

As a Dealership, you are the experts in selling the proper vehicles to car shoppers, let our experts handle the Marketing Campaigns for you. You will love doing business with us. 

Direct Mail Campaigns are only effective if the right people are Targeted. With Apeiron Marketing this will never be a concern! We have experienced list managers who Target Conquest Customers in your area of your Branded product that currently do not shop with you. We will design a Cutting Edge Product to Target these clients and attract them to your Showroom. Our extensive Sales techniques will Qualify these clients including most gift seekers into Vehicle Buyers. Targeting the right Buyer is one of the Major components to a Profitable Campaign. We purchase our data from Insurance Companies only, therefore we have all the latest information on the Client including latest vehicle registration, soft credit score, vehicle history etc.



 Most Data Management Companies will purchase data through local oil change service shops, where Clients don't shop consistently and therefore you don't have the latest information on their vehicle, with our Conquest Data we are always up to date with the Clients current vehicle and their purchasing power. 

There are a lot of different ways of Marketing your Showroom and they always don't work. Normally we try to make 3X to 5X or higher Profit for you than your initial investment with us. In any case if we don't have a successful Campaign with you, we will work closely with your Management Staff to make it right for you. 

Keep in mind, we charge a Flat Rate. Our Flat Rate price includes everything including Postage, Premiums, Sales Director, Printing, Paper, List management, Data, etc. Regardless of what we charge you, we DO NOT Collect any Gross! You keep all your Gross. This also gives your Sales Consultants and Management Staff to be more motivated and Driven to do their best during our events. At Apeiron Marketing we manage the entire Campaign process for you from the beginning to the end. We target the right Clients. We bring them to your Showrooms. We qualify them, match them with your Sales Consultants and also help close the deal if the Client choses to walk. We keep a record of every Client that walks through the door with detailed notes in case you need it to follow up with them in the future.

Our Sales Directors have Professionally managed hundreds of Campaigns and are very effective at ensuring you have a Successful and Profitable Campaign without negatively impacting your CSI or Sales staff.